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It’s always reassuring to know that somebody cares. It’s even more reassuring when they understand exactly what you might be going through as a veterinary professional. Our collection of mental health and wellbeing resources provide you with actionable advice and crisis hotlines you can use whenever you need them.

Resources Descriptions
American Veterinary Medical Association Everybody has an important role to play when it comes to improving mental wellbeing and this is the ethos that underpins the American Veterinary Medical Association’s mission to nurture and protect the health of its members. On their website, you will find a wide selection of tools and resources to support a culture of wellbeing both at work and at home.
Vet Mind Matters (UK) The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) takes the mental health and wellbeing of veterinary professionals very seriously. Their Vet Mind Matters Initiative provides a wealth of information, advice and resources designed to improve the mental health of everybody in the veterinary team, including veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, practice managers and students.
Suicide Hotline Numbers Suicide Stop’s philosophy is that when all hope seems to be lost, there is nothing to lose by speaking to somebody about what is troubling you. Whether you need help or know somebody who is struggling, Suicide Stop provides useful information, numbers and resources for all countries.
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While our industry grapples with a complex mental health crisis, VetFolio and the NAVC as a whole will continue to strive toward helping those in our community who are struggling. Our Wellbeing Resource Center is always open and free to everyone in our community.

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