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Today 1 in 5 veterinary professionals is cyberbullied.  The Bridge Club invited Eric Garcia, founder of Simply Done Tech Solutions and Lisa Stewart-Brown, licensed Clinical Social Worker with Banfield Pet Hospital, to discuss the impacts on practices and provide real solutions to address these challenges.

What is the difference between cyberbullying and a bad review?

Eric Garcia defines the difference between a bad review and cyberbullying. He also explains how cyberbullying is on the rise due to the pandemic.

Real life solutions to address cyberbullying in veterinary medicine.

Eric Garcia is joined by practice owner and TBC Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Cheryl Good to discuss concrete solutions to addressing cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is affecting the mental health of the veterinary practice.

Lisa Stewart-Brown, a licensed social worker with Banfield Pet Hospital addresses the mental health challenges associated with cyberbullying and offers these critical resources:

Tips & Tools for Dealing with Negative Reviews

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