Shucking Oysters offers mini-podcast episodes focused on the core theme of self-compassion, offering wellness education and exercises.

Episode 1: Setting the stage with self-compassion

Hosts Sonja Olson and Diana Barone from the BluePearl Health and Well-being Team kick off the podcast with a look at self-compassion: what it is, how it can help you in your daily life, and why you should give yourself the same warmth and nurturing you give to others.

Episode 2: Mind full or Mindful

While we can’t always control our environment, we can control our mindset. This episode digs into the value of being present in the moment and offers strategies to help us stay mindful and not mindless.

Episode 3: How to Channel Your Inner Dog

Our busy primate minds often focus on the “what if” instead of the “what is.” Try these embodied mindfulness techniques to help quiet anxiety, ease tension and feel grounded.

Episode 4: Striking a Balance

We tackle the false narrative of the perfect “work-life balance” and explain that the emphasis should be on the healthy integration of all aspects of our lives – letting go of control and focusing on acceptance.