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Sometimes the feelings of being overwhelmed or overworked can bleed into all areas of your life. It’s key to recognize the signs and symptoms of what burnout looks like for you to act on it safely.

Hold Your Boundaries

If you’re experiencing burnout in a specific area of your life, it’s key to reevaluate your boundaries and expectations to help restore the balance. Sometimes that means saying no to plans with friends or rain checking a phone call for when you’re up for it.

Good Eats & Big Gulps

Finding the balance between nutritious foods and good tasting foods is key to making sure you’re eating what you need (plus, drinking enough water). If possible, look into meal prep or subscription services to ease the lift.

Stay Active

Add daily movement to your life in whatever way works for you. Walk on your lunch, plan to hit the gym before work to ease the need for motivation after hours, or even do some nighttime stretching to boost those endorphins.

Rest & Relaxation

Take a load off, put down the devices, and prep the comfort snacks. Our bodies and minds need rest, without feeling guilty, to restore our energy and essential functions. Make sure your nighttime routine and bedtime reflects what you need.

Stay Inspired

Go where inspiration strikes with hobbies, interests, and activities that help refill your cup. Try to keep it separate from any side hustles to avoid even more burnout.

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